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Spotsylvania, VA House

RATING:  (P-2)

During the evening, several of the experiences were witnessed by the investigators, but were not caught on the video.   One of the investigators reported seeing a ‘large ball of light’ go down the hallway.  There were no vehicles passing by that would have caused the light.  While on our break, one of the investigators looked out the window, across the patio and saw a large orange ball of light go across the yard.  It was described as having smaller flickering lights inside.  It seemed to be about the size of a basketball.   We also picked up 2 EVPs during the evening.  The first EVP came when the investigator asked if the spirit enjoyed playing with toys, the answer was, “Yes.”  Later, when we were trying to work with one of our motion sensor robots, we got a deep, male voice that said, “Rain”.   We are planning on a return visit as soon as the weather is a little warmer, so we can further investigate the outside lights.

Voice saying "Rain"


Doswell, VA House
Rating (P-3)

:  House built in 1900.  Near the sites of the Civil War Confederate Encampment. Reports of voices in the hallway, doors opening and closing and drawers opening on their own .

 Report Details:   During the course of the investigation, the following occurrences were noted:  ·  One of the investigators thought he heard a conversation in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  ·  An unidentified light source was caught on the video.  ·  A voice was caught on audio at 2 different times in the kitchen.  See audio clips for voice heard during conversation about batteries dying.   ·  While in the backyard an unusual mist was caught on the infrared camera.  · While in one of the bedrooms upstairs, a noise was heard followed by a “Shhhhhh”.  In the same bedroom one of the investigators felt a cold area next to her and a voice responded to her. (See audio clip)  We had trouble figuring out what was said.  If you can shed any light on it, please let us know, either by the comment form or via email at the email address noted below.  ·  A motion sensor trained on the back door activated when no one was there.  ·  Footsteps were heard on the stairs.  ·  One of the investigators thought that she saw a rocking chair move when there was no one near.   


Click for battery dying voice

Click here for Cold Spot Voice

Evans Fort, Martinsburg, WV
Rating (P-3.5)

History:  House built in 1755.  Was a fort during the Revolutionary War as well as the French/Indian Wars.  Was also used as a hospital during the Civil War.  Reports of hearing voices calling your name.  A black silhouetted figure was seen in the master bedroom and breathing was heard in another bedroom when no one else was on that floor.  There was also a report of a mist repeatedly seen in the back yard but nowhere else.
 While recording the interview session, a series of thumps was heard during the segment in the basement and a child’s voice was heard as we were walking into the house.  When the voice of the resident child was played back, there was a distinct difference. · In the backyard Steve and Jill reported seeing the mist that had been reported.  Also Steve believed he had seen a ‘movement’ followed by the smell of gunpowder. · While doing an EVP session in the basement with Carol and Heather, Darla received a positive response on the K-2 EMF device when she asked for someone to come close to the instrument and make the lights come on.  This continued when they were joined by Steve and Jill.  Also when she asked if there was anyone there who was a slave that had been shackled in there, she got a response of “Yes.”. · One team was in the small bedroom with keyboard when footsteps were heard outside the door, when we checked, there was no one there.  The video camera set up on the stairway also picked up the sound of heavy footsteps and a sigh. (Click on video file below to listen to the footsteps and sigh..also there is another file attached showing a light source going from top to bottom.)... Also during this time, the team in the attic bedroom was experiencing drastic temperature variations.  At one point the attic bedroom was 13 degrees colder than our room below it.  On the audio, a little over half way through the clip, you hear a female voice say what we think is "Oh my God"...it was not one of us. (See the audio file below to listen to what was happening.)  · While in the kitchen 3 members of the team heard a female voice singing.

click here to play video

Footsteps/temperature incident

Rating (P-2.5)

This house near Alexandria, VA was the training ground for two of our investigators.  We have investigated there on several occasions, especially at the end of 2007 and early 2008, and again during June of 2009.   Most of the evidence found in the early investigations involved orbs.  But, the investigations held in June of 2009, have revealed a couple of distinct EVPs and some very interesting responses while using dowsing rods.The main story behind these investigations involved a missing photo that disappeared shortly after the death of a family member in 1993.  The  photo appeared leaning against a small table in a photo taken on June 6, 2009 and another one taken on June 20, 2009, but was not actually 'found' until July 2, 2009.  This is in a area that his heavily 'travelled' (right underneath the thermostat).  Photos taken from the same vantage in the investigations in 2007 and 2008 revealed NO photo.  While doing the investigation on June 6, I was asking about the photo and when we listened to the audio, a voice called me by name.  Also, in the June 20 investigation, again when asking about the photo, a voice said, 'it's right here'.    Granted this can be construed in many ways, but it does seem to be very unusual.
During further investigations in November, 2009, we again caught several EVPs.  In the audio clip below, we had picked up some K2 and other EMF readings when we picked up this EVP.  You will hear Steve talking, then "awwshaw", then Steve will laugh.

Click here for audio file "Awwshaw"

Sharon Springs, NY House
Rating (P-2.5)

History:  House built in 1907.  Report of possible activity in the exterior buildings, as well as the deceased pet cat being felt in the house.

 ·     Friday Night:  10:30 pm.  In backyard, we saw a light that seemed to be ducking in and out  in the tall grass at the edge of a field.  Lasted about 20 minutes.  One of the people in the house, Allen, came out to join us and also witnessed the figure.  · Saturday:  10:00 am.  While doing an EVP session on the front porch, we established the presence of a small boy.  Earlier, a small box with lights had been placed on the window sill on the stairwell.  We asked the small boy to go inside and press the button on the box, to make the lights come on.  Steve went upstairs a few minutes later and the lights on the box were blinking.  · 11:00 am.  The two men working outside the barn saw a figure move by the door inside the barn and came to get us.  When we investigated, we went to the far room in the barn, and while doing an EVP session, we asked the entity to make a noise, or move something to show that they were there.  The table, about 2 feet behind where Steve was standing suddenly moved.  When we checked it out, the objects on the table were still rocking.   A conversation was heard in the main area of the barn.  · 8:00 pm.  In the barn (with all visitors to the house present) we held an EVP session.  Various noises were heard and some of the people thought they heard a voices in the small passageway between the two rooms in the barn.  Photos showed several large orbs.  The figure was seen again in the field, and when we went to investigate we got some bizarre readings from the temperature gun...ranging from 50° down to 13°.  The ambient temperature was in the low 50s.   · Sunday:  In the barn across the street, while doing an EVP session we heard loud knocking on the wall in response to our request.  I went to investigate and found nothing there.  The knocking was not in the pattern done by a woodpecker or other animal, it sounded like a fist hitting the wall (click on sound file below). 

Click to hear knocking in stable

Click to hear barn table move.

Mechanicsville, VA House

Rating (P-2.5)

House built in 1980. Near the sites of the Civil War Battles of Cold Harbor and Richmond. Reports of apparitions, voices, and hearing a ball bouncing.
January 23, 2010:
  During the course of the investigation, the following occurrences were noted: · The computer (in sleep mode) turned on twice (the second time it immediately turned itself off).  · The television turned itself on.  · The door to the back left bedroom sounded as if it was opening, but there was no one there. · In the far back bedroom there was a 7 degree temperature difference within a distance of about 7 feet.  (From 61° to 54°.)   · One of the kitchen cabinets opened on its own.  · Several large orbs were picked up on photos taken in the back yard.   · Both the front door and back door sounded as if someone was knocking, but there was no one there (within minutes of each other).   Check below for the audio from the bedroom door and an interesting EVP that were captured that night.  · During the evening we had been using a 'light box' (small box with flashing LED lights on it) to try to get the entities to turn it off.  When one of the investigators asked if the entity was a Confederate soldier he was told to "turn the box off".  In another instance, the investigator was talking with the home owner and a moan was heard by both of them. 


Click here for Bedroom Door

Click here for "turn the box off".

Click here to hear a moan.



Alexandria, VA
Sherwood Regional Library

The Library has a history of hearing unexplained noises, voices, and a possible face in the main window. During walk-through, we heard a noise as we entered the upstairs level and found that 2 books had fallen off the shelf and were on the floor. While sitting in the downstairs computer area, Steve thought he saw a shadow and when I filmed the area with the video camera, we saw an unexplained darkening of the screen. I was sitting at the top of the steps on the 3rd level, when, twice, I heard what sounded a shoe scraping on the concrete a few feet away from me. We also heard numerous unexplained tapping noises throughout the period we were there, on all floors. Some of the louder noises we heard in the main area were found to be books coming through the book drop chute.

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