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The PROBE investigators


Steve Vasilas - Lead Investigator
Worked in retail for over 25 years.  Long time interest in the paranormal.  Has been an investigator for 6 years.  Holds Brown Senior belt in Tae Kwon Do.   

Darla Vasilas - Lead Investigator
Served 4 years active duty as a US Navy Corpsman.  Has been in the administrative field for over 30 years with over 10 years in construction.   Long time interest in the paranormal.  Has been an investigator for 6 years.  Holds Brown Senior Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Norman Gagnon from our affiliate organization: SEARCH.


The PROBE team has expanded its operations and we have formed a unit to cover the Sacramento, CA, area.  Please meet PROBE's West Coast Unit:

Phill Shade - Lead Investigator - PROBE West

A veteran of world travel and 20 year career member of the US Navy, Phill has first-hand experience in numerous, as yet, unexplained events. This has lead to his deep interest in both unexplained phenomena and the field of Paranormal studies. Hobbies include historical re-enactment and all things tech-geek.


Kris Shade - Investigator - PROBE West

Having experienced several paranormal events in my life, I am looking forward to investigating, and hopefully finding conclusive evidence, to answer many of the questions I have about what is beyond the things we can see. I enjoy sewing and crocheting as well as attending historical re-enactment events.

Mike Shade

A former Navy-Brat, Mike has been interested in paranormal research for many years. He enjoys working on cars, playing online games as well as reading and is working on a professional writing career.

Contact us:  East Coast Unit:  ghostprobe@cox.net     West Coast Unit:  probe.west@gmail.com

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