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Probing the darkness for answers...or in some cases, trying to keep our sanity.

On our first investigation at LaGrange Winery, during the walk-through, a cat (black) ran between us and scared a couple of the investigators (Steve and Norman).  Later, after we heard a clock radio that had turned on full blast at 11:55 pm, we were just leaving the room when the same cat ran between us again.   Quote, Norman:  "I'm going to grab a bottle of wine and drown myself."

During an investigation at Buckland Tavern, we were on a break, eating dinner, when Steve saw something move on the wall.  I went over to check and a small mouse ran up the wall from the shelf into the rafters.  The three other girls all screamed.  Ghosts don't scare them, but a mouse.....?

During a recent investigation at the Tavern, three members of the team were in the basement during a quiet session (listening to the sounds of the house) when they got a call on the walkie talkie....which had the volume turned up all the way...scared the pogies out of them!

During the investigation at the 2nd Buckland house, one of the family cats had been following us around.  During a total lights out, the cat (again black) first jumped onto the bed where my partner and I were and startled us, then ran out and finally went to the room where Steve and Jill were.  He jumped onto the bed where they were.  All I heard was Steve yell, "Oh My God, the bed is levitating."

On another investigation there, Steve was doing an EVP session and asked if there were any "entities, spirits, or 'goats' present.

During one of our early investigations, I told Steve I heard a couple of taps.   And he said, "Jason and Grant?"  Very funny.

During our last investigation at the Winery at LaGrange we had two very humorous things happen:

#1:  We were in the lounge with some members in the back and others in the front part.  Tim came back where we were and asked, "Is this table taken?"

Steve replied:  "Do you have reservations?"
Tim:  "Well!"


#2:  We were getting ready to move to other parts of the house and were going to rotate the teams (who was working with whom).  It was VERY innocent when I asked Steve:  "Steve, do you want to take the girls?"  Needless to say it did not come out the way I wanted it to. 

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