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Probing the darkness for answers.


Current investigations include multiple projects in the Alexandria, Buckland, and Warrenton areas of VA and Martinsburg, WV .

Winery at LaGrange

Rating (P-4.5)


Pre-investigation interview reported a light in one of the windows where there was nobody (and no electricity) in the house.  Voices had been heard. A glass had levitated and slammed to the floor.  In the basement lounge a worker had been touched on the shoulder. 

· 1st Investigation:  Heard front door open and footsteps come up stairs—checked and no one there.  Audio in basement lounge revealed sounds of chairs and tables moving.

· 2nd investigation:  Only 2 investigators in house when we heard a conversation on the other side of the room.  Again heard door open and footsteps when we went to investigate we found a VERY strong odor of cigar smoke.  No smoke, just the odor.   Again audio revealed movement in the basement.

· 3rd Investigation:  At 11:30 pm, while team was in one room with only 1 walkie-talkie there (the other 3 were on the bar downstairs, only 1 of those was on) we heard a child’s voice come over the walkie-talkie.  No one else was in the house.  In the basement, audio again revealed movement  but this time also included electronic feedback and undetermined ‘cry’.

· 4th Investigation:   7:00—9:00 PM     Upon review of the video from the basement, it was noted that the camera seemed to move up and down and the sound of a chair moving was heard on the tape.   9:00—10:30 PM  Darla and Jill moved to the office area over the kitchen where we continued to do an EVP session until Heather joined us and we eventually went to sit in the front room of the basement.  While there we heard what sounded like 2 metal pipes being hit against each other.  We also heard what we thought to be footsteps on the stairwell, but no one was there. 10:30—12:00 PM  Steve heard what he thought were voices coming from the kitchen.  Norman believed he heard a thump coming from the basement but nothing was found. 12:00—1:30 AM  Team was upstairs in the candle room.  In the lobby, the video camera picked up the sound of a door closing followed a few moments later by a voice saying "Wow" and then by the camera moving up and down.  An unidentified light source was also seen on the film, near the K-2 EMF device on the bar.  You can click below to play the two video clips.  (Note:  the clicking you hear on the video is from the Geiger Counter being used that evening.)

November 2012.  After three years, we again are investigating at the LaGrange.   While setting up the equipment, a picture frame on a bookcase in the tasting room suddenly fell over. If it had fallen over normally, it would have gone off the bookcase, but it seemed to raise up and fall face down on the bookcase. While sitting in the ‘cameo room’ we all heard what we thought was cannon fire. (It was picked up on the audio.) Steve and Norman went outside to see if they could figure out where it was coming from, but couldn’t. They went back out with a recorder that had bugle calls on it that they could play. During the bugle call “charge”, they thought they heard a voice say ‘charge’, but it was not picked up on the audio.  At one point, while in the ‘candle room’, Steve thought he smelled unlit cigars. He called out to Norman who was on the staircase to come into the room. Darla was in the office over the kitchen and heard Steve call to Norman over her walkie-talkie. Steve did not use the walkie-talkie.  When Darla went to join the others, while passing through the kitchen, the audio recorder picked up a voice calling her name.  While the entire team was in the lounge, the audio picked up what we believe was footsteps in the gift shop area.  Also while in the lounge, we all heard a loud ‘bang’, but were unable to find out the cause.  During the entire evening, we kept getting static response from the walkie-talkies when nobody had triggered them. Sometimes it would come through on all of them and sometimes only one or two would trigger.
April 2013: During the evening we experienced numerous occurrences of the walkie-talkies giving feedback and static when nobody triggered the radios. One extreme instance was in the left-hand office on the 3rd level. When the radio was placed on the desk, it began to give off a prolonged high feedback/static that could be heard in the gift shop. While the team was sitting in the 'candle' room, we got two distinct audio EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). These EVPs included a whisper that said, 'should have brought the reptile'. The interesting part about this was it was immediately BEFORE I mention a couple of robot dinosaurs that we sometimes bring to an investigation. Another EVP was when I asked if the knocking we had heard was in response to a question. The answer was ‘that's right'. Also during the time were in the candle room we picked up distinct footsteps when nobody was moving and a voice was heard on the audio saying, "Where they going?". Later, while 2 of the investigators were on the steps outside the candle room they picked up footsteps on the audio. There was also a momentary disruption in the laser grid about the same time. At one point while two of the investigators were in the basement lounge, another investigator called on his radio and two other voices could be heard within the transmission...there was nobody else nearby. 
During the evening we had several unusual experiences.  While in the office over the kitchen 3 of the investigators were doing an EVP session and a flashlight that was standing on its end began turning on and off in response to our questions.  This was witnessed by one of the employees who came upstairs during the session.  Also during this session, we all felt something cold and I felt something go by me.  It felt like a breeze that seemed to quickly go passed me.  While sitting in Benoni's Lounge, Steve saws a face look around the corner of the door but there was no one there.  Later when the whole team was in the Lounge, we were again getting flashlight responses along with K-2 hits and hearing movement in the gift shop upstairs.  When the team went upstairs after being in the lounge, while going up the steps we got an audio response that said, "Just been up here."  While two of the investigators were in the 'candle' room, a photo was taken that showed a definite shadow area around one of the chairs.


Just been up here

Footsteps - Where they going?

Should have brought the reptile

Audio - "Darla"

LaGrange basement noises.

click here to play door and camera video

click here to play light source video

Buckland House 1

Rating (P-1)

Interview revealed reports of a figure seen coming down the stairs about 10:00 each evening.  Also the figure of a man in a long dark coat was seen on the grounds. 

· 1st Investigation:  While sitting in a room downstairs, one investigator saw a black mass move by the window outside.  When we ran out, there was nothing there.  (It was still daylight.)  Also a photo was taken that revealed a cloudiness in the room.  All other photos taken by that camera, and others, were clear.  A cold spot formed around one of the investigators in one of the upstairs rooms.  On a subsequent visit to the property, one investigator thought he saw something in the front yard and when he went to check it out, near the front door he encountered a significant cold spot…”like walking into a freezer”.

· 2nd Investigation:  During the evening, we experienced numerous electronic oddities.  One of the walkie-talkies triggered.  Other team members were asked if they were trying to communicate...none were.  A digital camera that was turned off, turned on by itself, and an EMF meter activated while lying on a bench, then turned itself off.  One of the investigators saw a shadow go past the front door at the same time another investigator on the balcony saw something move in the front yard.  Additional note:  Two days after the investigation a friend of the owner was in the house and went up to the bathroom.  He found steam-like moisture on the mirror and walls, as if someone had taken a shower.  There is only one window in the room and it was closed.  As a follow-on, two investigators stayed in the house overnight.  Other than what one investigator thought to be a spoken whisper, nothing was experienced.  All experiences inside the house, although unusual, cannot be determined to be paranormal. At this time, we don't anticipate further investigations at this property in the near future, unless requested by the owner. 


Buckland House 2

Rating (P-4)


Interview report revealed a figure had been seen in an upstairs bedroom and in the living room.  The sound of dishes crashing in the kitchen was heard in an upstairs bedroom, but when they ran downstairs nothing was wrong.  The sound of a door closing has also been heard.

· 1st Investigation:   While the investigators were split into  two teams we heard sounds of footsteps in the hallway between the rooms.   At another time, the family cat was in the room with one team and the cat also reacted to sounds outside the door.  Radio communication confirmed there was no one else on that level of the house.  A bathroom doorway was observed standing open when the team went into one of the bedrooms, when they came out the door was closed.  Upon review of the recorders we found out that during an EVP session when I asked the question, “Did you work with General Custer?  (No Response)  “Or maybe Jeb Stuart?”  (Response….”Yes……Yes”.) 

       Interim Investigation:  Two of the investigators spent a little over an hour at the house in mid-October.  During an EVP session in the same room, we got another voice response.  I asked for the entity to make the lights on the K-2 EMF meter light up.  We heard:  'Whatcha got there?......How old are they?. See audo clip below.

 2nd Investigation:   October, 2009.  While at the house the investigators had several personal experiences.  While in one of the upstairs bedrooms, two of the investigators heard footsteps outside the door.  Also, while sitting in the library, looking into the living room, one of the investigators saw a black shadow move from left to right.  (See the photo gallery page.)  Immediately after, we picked up multiple K2 and EMF hits in the area.  Also, while the team was in the library, we heard the front door latch jiggle and the family dog reacted 'strongly' to the noise.  No one was there.  There was an alarm from a motion sensor placed in the upstairs hallway.  All people and pets were accounted for at that time.

3rd Investigation:   June 2010. While at the house the investigators had several personal experiences:  In the upstairs bedroom (baby’s room) two of the investigators were doing an EVP session and when they asked if the entity had ever gone to the tavern for a drink they heard a disembodied voice say “Oh Yeah”.  Later when the other team was in the same room they asked if there were any pretty barmaids at the tavern and got a “Yes” response.  Shortly afterward one of the investigators thought that he felt a tug at his shirt when there was nobody near him.  While in the kitchen, the whole team was present when one of the two-way radios gave off what sounded like a loud alarm.  Both radios were on but the sound only came from one radio.  While in the basement the audio picked up a breath that was not one of us.   

    4th Investigation:  October 2010:  
In the dining room, one of the investigators began to cough and a voice asked “something to drink?”   Also in the dining room, the dinosaur robot, used as a back-up motion sensor, began to react to something unseen for an extended period of time.  In the living room, 3 of the investigators were doing an EVP session and when asked if there was anyone there, we got an answer of “ I’m here”.  In the basement, 3 of the investigators were doing an EVP session and when asked if there was anyone there got a “yes”. 

Click text below to hear voice responses.

Response to barmaids question

Drink response audio

I'm here

Something to drink

Whatcha got there?

Maybe Jeb Stuart - yes.

Buckland Tavern
Rating (P-4)

History: Building was used as a coachman's tavern in the late 1700s and early 1800s and as a hospital during the Civil War.

        During the evening, the investigators experienced several instances of hearing footsteps in the entrance hallway and on the stairway.  Two investigators said that they experienced very uneasy feelings in that area.  While sitting in the living room, two investigators believed they heard whispers.  A review of the audio tape revealed those whispers but we were unable to distinguish what was being said.  About 12:00 am, while two of the investigators were doing an EVP session in the dining room, the audio revealed that when we asked the question “Are you a member of the Samuel Love family?”  The response was, “Yes”.   Another EVP seemed to say, "We dont belong down here."  Photographs revealed multiple orbs.  Two photos had what could be called “Orb Storms”.  One photo revealed what was at first thought to be a figure, but upon closer examination, was found to be a light reflection phenomenon.

In May 2009 the following was found:  During an EVP session in the basement audio picked up the sound of a footstep and when we asked, ’can you tell us your name’, we got a whispered, “No”.    While in the dining room, we heard the sound of footsteps from upstairs.  The only other person in the house came through the room moments later to go to this bedroom.  The two teams were based in the dining room and living room.  In the living room, Steve sensed a cold area and was looking for his temperature gun.  When he told Jill that he had found it a voice said, “Let me see.”  While in the dining room the rest of the team heard footsteps coming from the hallway and kitchen. Several times during the investigation the recorder picked up an unidentified breath or noise.  During the time that we were on a break in the kitchen one recorder was left running in the living room.  There were several instances of unidentified noises close to the recorder.

June 2010:  While setting up the video camera in the kitchen, we all heard the back door latch jiggle.  When Steve checked it, he saw that it was still slightly moving.  A short time later, Steve and Norman were sitting at the card table in the basement when they heard noises coming from the back room.  When they went back there, the noises seemed to move to the front.  At one point we left a recorder in the area between the two basement rooms while we were all upstairs and it picked up a ‘lot' of movement.  When the video evidence was reviewed footsteps were heard on the main staircase.  All team members were accounted for.

August 2010:  While in the upstairs bedroom (with the skull), two members of the team encountered a cold breeze that seemed to go from the door, through the room, and out the window.  In the same room a few minutes later, the investigators experienced a cold spot that seemed to form between them.  In the back bedroom, one of the investigators felt his ears pop and sensed a ‘change' in the room, and then all 3 investigators felt the floor vibrate. The ‘vibration' could not be recreated.  In the living room, while one of the investigators was sitting in a chair, a motion sensor placed in the room activated. When the motion sensor activated, a toy that has motion sensor capability was activated and reacted by ‘going ballistic'. It reacted by walking around the entire room, making the programmed noises which lasted for about 25 minutes. The normal length of time for the reaction is about 10-15 seconds. During this time a couple of EVPs were picked up. Including a voice asking, "what's that" and another voice that said, "of course you can".  In the same room a few minutes later, the investigators experienced a cold spot that seemed to form between them.  In the back bedroom, one of the investigators felt his ears pop and sensed a ‘change' in the room, and then all 3 investigators felt the floor vibrate. The ‘vibration' could not be recreated.  In the living room, while one of the investigators was sitting in a chair, a motion sensor placed in the room activated. When the motion sensor activated, a toy that has motion sensor capability was activated and reacted by ‘going ballistic'. It reacted by walking around the entire room, making the programmed noises which lasted for about 25 minutes. The normal length of time for the reaction is about 10-15 seconds. During this time a couple of EVPs were picked up. Including a voice asking, "what's that" and another voice that said, "of course you can".

June 2011:  During our latest investigation we experienced several instances of footsteps originating on the main staircase.  A motion sensor placed at the foot of the stairs, pointing upstairs kept triggering when no one was in the area. We also heard unexplained noises in the basement and footsteps that seemed to be coming from upstairs when nobody was moving around.  When we played back the audio there was a child's voice...there were no children in the building that night.  When we reviewed the audio again at a later date, we realized that the child was saying, "Save me."   The audio also picked up whispers and a laugh.  See below for the audio clip of the child's voice and the footsteps.

November 2011. On this investigation, we were only there for about 5 hours, but they were very productive. While sitting around a table in the basement, the three investigators witnessed one K-2 meter fully light up while the other a few minutes before and lit up 2 lights. During the evening we all heard footsteps originating from the main staircase. At one point, one investigator, while sitting in the living room looking out the door toward the staircase, saw a 'ripple' effect that seemed to go up the stairs. At the same instant, a motion sensor placed on the banister facing up the stairs activated.  On video, we caught a fast moving orb in the kitchen (check video below - look in top right hand corner) and a child's voice also in the kitchen.

January 2012:  This night we were training 3 new investigators and they were not disappointed with the results.  At one point we had 3 K-2 devices in the living room and all responding to commands.  Again, we were hearing footsteps coming from the staircase and the living room when nobody was moving about.

March 2013:  We returned to the Tavern for a brief investigation.  During the evening we again experienced footsteps and captured multiple EVPs.  While sitting in the basement level we heard what sounded like a small child's voice.  I was having trouble with the laser grid and mentioned that the battery must be dying.  A male voice was captured saying, "I'm sorry."  At another point all 3 investigators were in the living room when we heard a loud bang, like something had fallen right next to us, but nothing was disturbed.

Click text below to hear voice responses.

Kitchen light video

Footsteps from living room

Child's voice - "Save Me"

What's that - of course you can

Let me see

Right behind you..don't upset me

We don't belong down here.


Buckland Doctor's House

Rating (P-4)

History:  House built in 1793.  Was used as a children’s hospital as well as a military hospital during the Civil War.  Reports of hearing children laughing and playing when no children in the house, a lampshade spinning, ‘creepy’ feelings in one bedroom, basement and dining room.  Feelings of being watched while showering in upstairs
bathroom.   While doing walk-through, we heard loud knock from corner of kitchen.  We were only ones in the room.

January 2009:  Arrived shortly after 6:00pm.  Held a planning session in the kitchen where photos revealed a wooden cupboard with all doors closed at 6:30pm.  During a break at 9:45pm, the bottom right hand door of the cupboard was found to be open.  Steve closed the door and then stomped on the floor in front of it, slapped the sides, but could not get the door to open on its own.  9:00pm—9:30pm:  The team split up and while one investigator was in the living room and the other two were in the dining room, the video camera that was set up in the kitchen and pointing toward the front door, picked up a voice saying, “How can I help you?”  9:30pm-10:30pm:  The team was covering the upstairs bedrooms.  While doing an EVP session in the bedroom to the left of the stairs, Darla was sitting on the dresser and asked if anyone there could come close to the green light on the K2 meter, and make them all light up….the lights did begin flashing.  Darla called for Steve and Jill to come from the other room to verify the findings.   Using 2 different  EMF meters we tracked the EMF reading to the corner at the end of the dresser where both meters registered off the scale.  Steve checked the readings from the outlet on the adjoining wall and found them to be minimal.  He tracked readings back to the corner and they remained minimal until he was about 1 1/2 feet from the corner where they again went off the scale.   Audio revealed a voice that seemed to be saying, “Mother”.  11:00pm—12:30am:  The team was based in the basement with Jill and Steve in the room with the stove and Darla was sitting on the bed in the room at the foot of the stairs.  In the kitchen the video camera was recording the cupboard to see if the door  would open again when the audio picked up the voice of a small child and that of an adult woman.  There were no children present that evening.  It is uncertain if the sound of the woman’s voice is one of the investigators.  Photos taken during the evening revealed an unidentified arc at the stairrail, and a shadow in the living room.

June 2009:
7:30 pm—9:30 pm:  Darla and Heather were in the upstairs child’s bedroom while Steve and Jill were in the living room.  A thunderstorm was just starting when both Jill and Heather experience a loud feedback coming from their audio recorders while using headsets.  Steve and I were not using headsets and did not have the problem.  After speaking with 3 different electronics experts, we confirmed that regular headsets should not have caused the feedback, even during a thunderstorm.  One of the recorders picked up an unknown electronic beeping as well as three loud thumps.  10:00pm—1:00am  while in the living room, Investigators were doing an EVP session and began to receive direct responses on the K-2 meter when asked if they were happy with what Terri had done with the house.  For the first time, we were using dowsing rods as a part of the investigation.  While we were taking a break in the kitchen, Steve was using the dowsing rods to track Jill as she tried to get the child entity to follow her around the room.

June 2011.  Investigators arrived shortly after 6:00pm.  While waiting for one of the team members to arrive, we all heard a femaile voice call out and the sound of footsteps on the stairs.  Thinking it was the team member, we went to check and there was nobody there.  Later, while in the dining room, one of the investigators (while working alone) heard distinct footsteps upstairs, when the other team was contacted by radio, they reported no one had moved off their chairs.  During the radio conversation, the footsteps were heard again.  While working on different floors, all investigators heard a cough, but no team member had coughed.  (When the evidence was reviewed, this turned out to be a voice heard by both teams.) During the evening there were several other voices/noises that were picked up on the audio, including a "hey", "hello", a laugh, and a whisper that we haven't been able to establish what was said.  Audio clips of the footsteps overhead and the "hey" can be found below.  At one point, while all investigators were in the kitchen, the bottom right-hand door of the cabinet opened.
April 2013: During the evening we gathered several EVPs, especially in the upstairs bedrooms.  In both bedrooms we picked up an an audio response that said, "Harry".  In one of the rooms we got a disturbing EVP of a woman saying, "No...no...oh no..."  Obviously in distress.  Was she the mother of a child that was dying or had just died while in the hospital...we don't know.  In the kitchen two investigators were getting ready to go outside to investigate, I asked Steve if he wanted me to set up the laser grid to see if he would see anything.  On the audio, we got a response of, "I did."  Did someone see something he shouldn't have and that is what caused his death...we can't be sure.  Also while in the kitchen the audio picked up the sound of sabers clashing, followed by a scream.
January 2014: At multiple times through the evening we were getting high EMF hits with the K-2 while it was lying on the kitchen table.  We could not find any reason why we should get any readings.  One unusual EVP we got was in response when one of the investigators mentioned "Star Trek".  We can assume that this particular entity was from that period in the sixties, We again picked up the same type of moaning in the bedroom that we caught on the previous investigation.   

Child voice "I'm Here."

Woman in distress.

Boy's voice saying "hello"


Footsteps overhead

click here to play video of voice saying "How can I help you?"

Audio file below contains child's voice saying, "Mother" while we are trying to track down the source of an unusual EMF reading.

bedroom - "Mother"

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