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Occoquan Investigations

Rating - P-3.5

Occoquan, VA

April 2012:  Polka Dot Divas:  The entire team was in the counter area of the store when we heard a loud 'crash' in the back room.  Upon checking we found that when we moved a chair it hit a metal ladder next to it, making the same sound we had heard.  What would have move the chair, we don't know.  At one point, for no apparent reason, one of the investigators began to feel very sad and started crying.  He went outside the building for a few minutes and then returned with no problems.  In the antiques area of the building, both of the guys described very 'creepy' feelings.  Later a distinctive footstep was heard in the area of one picture, followed shortly by a pinpoint orb over the picture.  Photo evidence also shows an orb in front of one of the window curtains.  At one point I was in the room by myself and heard someone come across the walkway between the rooms and when I went to check nobody was there.  The other investigators were in the main counter area.  Shortly thereafter, I heard a whisper in my ear.  When I asked if someone had tried to communicate with me, on the audio, I heard a "yes" and when I asked if they could do it again, on the audio I heard, "hello".  A motion sensor placed in the front store area triggered twice when nobody was near it.  While all three investigators were in the coffee shop area of the building, an audio recorder left on the counter in the main area caught the sound of a man singing.  (The voice was determined to sound like one of the investigators, but all three investigators were in the coffee shop at that time.  It is believed that an entity, once it has been in contact with a person, can mimic that person's voice.) 

June 2012:  A few weeks later, I did a second investigatoni by myself.  I place a recorder on a duffle bag in what was the oldd antique shop.  When I went into the main store to do an EVP session, on the recorder in the other room, I got a response of "Robert" when I asked if anyone was there with me and what their name was.  I also got a response of "there are" when I asked if there was anyone there.  The recorder on the counter (while I was in the antique store) caught a possible nose that sounded like a grunt.  A loud bang was also picked up on the recorder when nobody was in the room.  While I was sitting in the main store behind the counter, on at least two occasions, I saw a flash of ligth that seemed to  originate behind the divider wall between the two store areas.  On the video camera set up in the area  we saw at least 3 instances of a small flash of light in a span of about 15 minutes.

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Movement between rooms

Whisper response.


Rating:  P-3

Occoquan Inn
Occoquan, VA

April 2012:  Shortly after we started, we picked up high K-2 EMF readings.  While trying to deduce if they resulted from the electrical system in the building we turned off the overhead fan and light in the main entryway.  I went down to the bar downstairs to see if the readings were there as well and when I came back up, I was told that the fan had come back on by itself.    A short time later the light in the waitress area (at the steps between the lobby and the dining area) was found on when it had been turned off.   During the evening we experienced what we thought were footsteps or knocking in areas nearby when nobody was in that area.  While we were sitting in the Grill area, Steve and I both saw a white mass move quickly from the sitting area toward the passageway between the Grill and the Inn.

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Reaction to white mass

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