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Our Equipment

During our investigations we use several different pieces of equipment, including:  EMF Meters, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Temperature Guns, Digital Audio Recorders, Motion Sensors and Dowsing Rods.  Below you will find a description of some of this equipment and what we have learned about their use.
EMF Meters

There are theories that when an entity is near, or trying to manifest itself, it creates a strong electromagnetic field.  We use several different Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meters.  If you are getting readings from two or more different types of meters at the same time, it is a pretty good chance that you are on to something.

K-2 (#1):  Pros:  Known for being able to 'communicate' with an entity.  The 5 lights will trigger as a entity gets close to it.  The more lights to trigger signals the strength of the contact.  Can also be used to communicate by lighting up to 'yes' and 'no' questions.  Cons:  Original version requires a dime to be inserted in button to keep the device in the 'on ' position.  Newer versions have an on/off switch.

Cell Sensor (#2):  Pros:  Has lit screen, alarm and remains in the 'on' mode.  Cons:  Has external probe that requires an extra hand to use. 

Digital Gaussmeter (#3):  Pros:  Digital read-out.   Cons:  LED screen is not back-lit.  Have to shine flashlight on it to read in lights-out conditions. 

Gauss Master (#4):  Pros: Has alarm   Cons:  Does not stay in 'on' position.  LED screen is not back-lit. 

Temperature Guns


We use 3 different types of Temperature Guns.  All have their own merits.

Infrared Thermometer (#1):   Pros:  Has infrared beam.  Backlit LCD screen when on.  Cons:  Does not stay on...you have to keep activating.  Bulky to carry.

Cen Tech (#2):  Pros:  Has infrared beam.  Cons:  LCD screen is not backlit.  Does not stay on.

Actron (#3):  Pros: Stays on.  LCD screen stays lit for a long time.  Cons:  Small...can be lost easily.  No infrared beam.


Voice Recorders


We mainly use Sony and RCA Recorders.  RCA Recorder #3 is the latest version and we have found it to be the best.  There is very little background interference noise AND it has a direct connect USB port to connect it to your computer for easy download (no more lost cables).  If you are looking for a recorder for ghost hunting...be sure it has a USB connection so you can download the audio to your computer


We have multiple digital cameras and hand-held digital video cameras.  Kodak, Canon and Sony are equally good, providing they are at least 10 megapixels and have a nightshot capability.

Two-Way Radio


We have used several two-way radios, Motorola and Cobra seem to be the best for our work, but we have found the Cobras to be slightly better.

Dowsing Rods


This is a very debatable subject.  We have found them to be a usable tool in pointing us in a direction during an Electronic Voice Phenomonen (EVP) session.  You can ask questions and get positive and negative responses....but their accuracy is, as I said, debatable in the community.  They can also be used as a corresponding EMF detector.  If you are getting EMF readings as well as Dowsing Rod reactions, you are probably on the right track.

Contact us:  East Coast Unit:  ghostprobe@cox.net     West Coast Unit:  probe.west@gmail.com

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