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Do you live in the Northern Virginia or Sacramento, CA areas and would be interested in becoming a PROBE Investigator?

If you are interested in being a PROBE investigator and think you can adhere to the guidelines posted below, please email us at: ghostprobe@cox.net or probe.west@gmail.com


Investigator Rules

1. Listen to your instincts.  “If in doubt, get the hell out.”  Retreat slowly, do not run.

2. YOU are responsible for purchasing your own equipment.  (Digital Camera, EMF Meter, Voice Recorder)  Uniform shirts and hats must be paid for before ordering.

3. Don’t be ashamed to call for help.  If you DO need help, use your radio and call a “MAYDAY” and give your location.  Everyone will know where to converge.

4. Always wear your uniform shirt and/or ID.

5. Stay with your partner.  Don’t go wandering off alone.  There will be only one (1) radio per team.  If you are working alone, make sure you keep in contact with other team members.

6. Make sure all battery-operated equipment has fresh batteries and that you have extra batteries with you.

7. Keep an ongoing record of the investigation in a small notepad or make verbal notes / times on the recordings.

8. Show respect for your surroundings, our clients and your team members.  If a team member is carrying on a line of questioning, don't interrupt. Confirm they have finished before asking your questions.

9. You can ask for a presence, but DO NOT provoke.

10. Do not wear any perfume or cologne.

11. No smoking, taking drugs (except for the occasional Tylenol or aspirin), or drinking alcohol while on duty.

12. Wear a pair of heavy, ankle-high (minimum) boots for outdoor investigations (cemeteries, old deserted buildings, etc.). 

13. Adhere to the privacy of our clients.  Many do not want other people to know we are investigating their property.  Unless we are released to do so, do not give out the address where we are working.  (For example, just say “we’re working at a property in Fairfax County”.)  All investigators will have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

14. You must have your own transportation.

15. For liability reasons, no friends can “tag along”.  Only the client or potential investigators will be allowed to observe the investigations.  Media requests will be considered, but their participation will be at the sole discretion of the Lead Investigators.

16. Make sure the lens cap is removed from the camera.

17. Minimum investigator age:  18.

18. There will be an Investigator-In-Training period of 3 investigations before becoming a full investigator.

19. Our investigations are for scientific research...we will NOT use props that are supposedly already haunted. (i.e., dolls, etc.)  Any toys, (dolls, rubber balls, etc.) are only to be used to get the entity to react to a familiar object.  Using “haunted” dolls, etc., will be considered provoking.  (See rule #9.)

20. PROBE members cannot be members of any other team or paranormal organization unless it is an official PROBE  affiliate or chapter.

21. Only the Lead Investigators have the authority to book clients, media interviews, or to arrange a joint investigation with another team.  If you are approached by a potential client, media rep, etc., please refer them to the website contact page, or take the contact information and forward it to the Lead Investigators for follow-up.

22. All members are not required to be at all investigations and all members may not be asked to be on all investigations.  Some properties may be too small for a large team.

23. DO NOT, on purpose, make unneeded noises that might be mistaken for EVPs (scratching on objects, etc.).  You might think it’s cute, your team members do not. 

24. ALWAYS ACT IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER in the presence of the client and  your team members.  No graphic language will be permitted.  If you make risqué  comments (about bodily functions, etc.) at the same time we get an EVP, that EVP cannot be used.   You will get 2 warnings...on the third you will be dismissed from the unit.

25. Violation of these rules can, and has, resulted in dismissal from the unit. 

Contact us:  East Coast Unit:  ghostprobe@cox.net     West Coast Unit:  probe.west@gmail.com

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